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It is a modern phenomenon that food is considered separate from medicine. We eat food, but we take medicine. At UrbanGardens we believe in eating your medicine every day, with every meal, and at every snack (okay, well almost every snack). Too often, pharmaceutical products are developed to treat diseases that arise because good food is removed from the diet. This perpetuates the attitude that pills can compensate for bad dietary habits and that food and medicine are unrelated. It distracts us from looking at the real source for many of our health problems, the things we eat and drink (more precisely, the things we are sold at the store).

Of course many pills are invaluable and have unquestionably improved the health of many people, and many diseases are entirely unrelated to diet and lifestyle. But when you eat as if you are taking medicine, you set yourself up for success in fighting whatever might await you in the future.

  • Eat as if someone told you you could never swallow another pill for the rest of your life.


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